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What is an estimated Processing and Shipping time for International orders?

We ship all orders domestic and international same day if received before 3:00pm. We will advise you of the delay should the item ordered is out of stock.

Do I have to pay VAT, if I place order from outside UK?

You do not pay VAT if your order is going outside UK.

I don't live on the UK mainland, is there an additional carriage charge?

Overseas carriage charges are calculated according to weight and destination.

How much will be the Delivery Charges on an International Order?

International delivery charges are calculated on the basis of the weight of your goods ordered. Overseas deliveries are charged at cost and will be advised on enquiry.


How long an order takes to deliver?

Our standard delivery service for U.K. orders is Next Day. Next day delivery is only possible where items are in stock and orders are placed before 3pm. If any item is temporarily out of stock we will contact you and advise you of the delay.

What are the Delivery Charges?

Delivery Charges are calculated and advised on the basis of the weight of your goods ordered. (International Orders only)

For UK (Mainland)

Delivery is Free for all orders over £75. All other orders will be delivered within mailand UK at a charge of £6.00 + VAT excluding overseas deliveries which will be charged at cost and will be advised on enquiry.




What types of door handles do you offer?

We offer a number of door handles: The Classic Door Handles on Plate, Designer Door Handles on Plate, Classic Door Handles on Rose, Designer Door Handles on Rose and Black Door Handles on Plate.

Do these door handles come with locks and hinges?

All door handles either they are on rose or on plate are sold without locks and hinges. But the spindles and screws are included with your door and cabinet handles.

What are Euro and Oval profile and what does it mean?

Euro or Oval profile is differentiated by the type of barrel that is fitted to the door mechanism. You will need a Euro profile handle if your lock mechanism has a large keyhole shaped mechanism that you use a "Yale" type key in. You will need an Oval profile handle if your lock mechanism has a large oval shaped that you use a "Yale" type key.

What types of door locks do you offer?

We offer five types of door locks: The sash door locks, dead door locks, tubular latches, bathroom door locks and cylinder door locks.

What kind of locks would be better for me?

The "Tube Latch" is suitable for internal doors where no security considerations are required. 64mm latch are fitted to door handles and 76mm to door knobs. If you are going to fit a lock to an internal door, the 3 lever mortice lock would be a better choice.

What types of cabinet knobs do you offer?

We offer a large range of cabinet knobs such as designer cabinet knobs and classic cabinet knobs in Crystal, Acrylic, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass and Antique Black Finishes.

Will these knobs suitable for my cabinets?

All our range of cabinet knobs is suitable for cabinets that are between .75" up to 3" thick. Before you order cabinet knobs ensure that the thickness of your cabinets is correct.

What are lever door handles?

Handles which is used to operate lever sash locks are called lever door handles. These handles are spring loaded and have lever action inside to operate sash locks. Lever Handles come with six different operations.

  • Lever Latch Door Handles.
  • Lever Lock Door Handles.
  • Lever Bathroom Lock Door Handles.
  • Lever Privacy Door Handles.
  • Euro Profile Lever Door Handles
  • Oval Profile Lever Door Handles
How can I get the accurate size of my door handles?

Very simple, remember that the size of your door handles will be measurement in millimeter.
Take a ruler or tape measure the basic center positions of your door handles while it is fixed to your door. OR Measure from behind the back plate after taking the handle off.
OR Take a pencil and a piece of paper and draw around the back plate, you just got the measurement.

What type of door locks would be suitable for a non-key whole door handles?

Tubular Door Latches are the best choice for such door handles. We offer different types of latches and finishes such as Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome and Satin Stainless Steel.

What type of door locks would be suitable for a keyhole door handles?

The "Mortice Sash Locks" would be suitable for a key whole door handles. The mortice sash locks are fitted inside the door and features deadbolt and latch. Latches are used to keep the doors shut without using the key while the deadbolt performs the actual locking mechanism for the doors. These sash locks are available in black, brass and nickel finishes.

What is the difference between satin chrome and polished chrome?

Polished chrome have a mirrored appearance whereas satin chrome is less reflective.

Why are stainless brass much more expensive than others?

Our stainless brass handles have been treated using an advanced process involving robotic polishing, chrome plating and application of a gas and zirconium mixture. This results in a highly polished door handle with an immaculate finish and superior durability.

Are door handles sold in pairs?

Yes, all door handles are sold in pairs.  Cabinet handles/knobs do not usually come in pairs.

How can I order my door and cabinet hardware?

Placing an order for door and cabinet hardware or any other product is an easy process. We have distributed our product range a number of categories and subcategories. You can browse to any desired product using navigation appearing on the left. Other then the navigation you can also use search for finding your desired product.

Once you get your desired product you will need to simply add this product to online shopping cart. When you finish adding products you can click on "Check Out". You will need to register or login to proceed. After registration which is a simple process you will be asked to provide us shipping and billing addresses.

After you confirm the order with us you will be taken to payment screen where you will pay for the order. Once you complete payment you will be notified via email containing your order details. If you face any problems in order placement simply email us at and our sales team will provide assistance.